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Taylor may be the office “rookie”, having only been with us for a few months, however, after surviving in retail customer services roles there is little question of her capabilities as our Client Relations Coordinator. Taylor is compassionate and understanding and if she promises to do something you can guarantee that it will be done. Taylor Toderan

Lauren walked into our office almost four years ago with a binder of all her certifications and achievements, a smart cropped sleeve blazer, and a preppy little hair cut. Ciara would have hired her on the spot but conducted the interview for posterity. Within a few months of being hired, she created a very complicated Lauren Edwards

As Operations Manager, Kim makes sure that everything in our office runs smoothly. She’s the one ticking the boxes on our administrative checklists, making sure that every dollar is accounted for, and every required report is complete. Kim brings a calming presence to the office because she resigned herself years ago to the fact that Kim Huber

After 5 years of practicing family law, Chris has come to the conclusion that fighting over kids is even more exhausting than fighting with kids (well, at least HIS kids). It’s also really emotionally draining. That’s why he became a recognized family mediator and parenting coordinator. Even still, working cooperatively with clients to help plan Chris Clarke

Having risen the ranks from “girl who pulls paper clips out of the closed files so they can be shredded” all the way to Lawyer, there isn’t much about working in, managing, and running a law firm that Ciara doesn’t know. All of that sifting through old files and pulling out original wills and paper Ciara McIlwaine