Two Rivers Legal Professional Corporation provides legal, mediation, and consulting services to individuals, families, and small businesses in Saskatchewan.

We focus on helping clients find collaborative solutions to many of the legal issues that can arise over the course of an individual’s lifetime or throughout a family’s life cycle. We offer services to assist with legal issues across many of life’s milestones, including: starting or ending relationships, having, adopting, and caring for children, owning property, operating a business, and planning for incapacity and the end of life. Our services are tailored to the needs of each individual person or entity. We strive to guide clients through legal issues in a caring, compassionate. and respectful manner and in non-adversarial forums.

Vision &Mission

Leading the way in reframing the practice of law to better meet the needs of clients and reduce barriers to legal services.

Offering efficient, relevant, and creative solutions to clients in a collaborative environment that supports and encourages professional development and growth amongst our employees.

Our Values

Understanding: We strive to develop a positive working relationship with our clients so that we can learn about them and understand their needs and desired outcomes. This helps us tailor solutions to our clients on an individual basis.

Always learning: We are committed to the professional development and growth of all of our employees, regardless of their role, and actively seek out opportunities to develop competencies and educate ourselves about our roles as individuals, legal service providers, and Canadians.

Team Focused: We are committed to working as a team rather than conforming to traditional hierarchies. We know that every member of our team plays an important role.

Reducing barriers to access to justice: We strive to use our talents and strengths to make the legal services that we are capable of providing affordable and understandable. We are committed to pro bono work and look for opportunities to help our community.