Ciara McIlwaine

Having risen the ranks from “girl who pulls paper clips out of the closed files so they can be shredded” all the way to Lawyer, there isn’t much about working in, managing, and running a law firm that Ciara doesn’t know. All of that sifting through old files and pulling out original wills and paper land titles, and, you know, law school, have turned Ciara into the exceptionally knowledgeable lawyer that she is. She’s also a wiz at deciphering handwriting and translating Chris’ vague instructions to the others in the office.

Ciara also knows what it’s like to come up against strong-willed, determined, and obstinate people and as long as she’s had a decent sleep and some breakfast then she can match that stubbornness where necessary, or at least until she decides it’s easier to let the kids watch some insipid show on tv. If she’s dodging your calls and it is April through October then she’s probably in the garden and any other time of the year she’s most likely baking something or driving kids somewhere. She regularly stalks her business clients on social media because she absolutely loves seeing her clients doing amazing things and being successful.