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Family Mediation Family Mediation allows separating couples to find solutions to their legal issues that best suit their lives, rather than having decisions imposed on them by a judge. The separating couple work together with the assistance of an impartial family mediator in virtual, in-person, or hybrid mediation sessions to arrive at an outcome that Dispute Resolution

A Legal Strategy Session is a meeting with a lawyer for up to one-hour where you can discuss your legal issue and learn about what options are available to you so that you can decide on a course of action. At the end of a Legal Strategy Session, the lawyer will provide you with a Legal Strategy Sessions

We offer legal services to assist with many of life’s legal milestones. If you are unsure if your legal issue aligns with the services that we offer, contact our Client Relations Coordinator for more information. Children The apple of your eye and centre of your universe; yet the cause of grey hair and sleepless nights. Legal Services