Dispute Resolution

Family Mediation

Family Mediation allows separating couples to find solutions to their legal issues that best suit their lives, rather than having decisions imposed on them by a judge. The separating couple work together with the assistance of an impartial family mediator in virtual, in-person, or hybrid mediation sessions to arrive at an outcome that is mutually acceptable. Individuals who actively participate in family mediation are eligible to receive a Certificate of Participation that confirms they have satisfied Saskatchewan’s mandatory early family dispute resolution requirement.

Parenting Coordination

For separated families, parenting coordination can help parents interpret or understand an existing court order, arbitration award, or separation agreement. A parenting coordinator tries to facilitate agreement on parenting issues but can also help to make decisions in situations where parents cannot agree on how to apply a court order, arbitration award, or separation agreement in a particular situation. Parenting coordination is typically voluntary, however, in certain situations a court may order that parents use parenting coordination services.